Having gone through a few months of post-production on our film, we realized we are still missing a story. So this year, this crucial story materialized.

Monde Kanyana (left in blue) from Kwazulu Natal in South Africa doesn't live a privileged life. In the small South African village where he grew up, he could not afford to attend school much. Instead he helped at home. He also helped a local farmer. This is where, as a boy, he fell in love with horses. And horses fell in love with him, and his incredible sixth sense for them. He became known in the wider region for his amazing talent. So this year, his whole community of towns people and horse owners clubbed together and paid for this trip of a lifetime. They are sending him to Mongolia to take part in the Mongol Derby, the longest horse race in the world. He has never been outside the country, or on a plane, let alone stayed in a hotel.

Our producer Ivo will ride the whole race with him and document his progress. It will be an interesting experience at the very least. Stand by for a report when he gets back towards the end of August.